Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The ghost of Henry VIII Windsor Castle

Henry VIII died at around 2am on 28th January 1547 he was buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle on 15th February.

Henry VIII is one of the many ghosts who haunt Windsor Castle. Ghostly groans and the sound of someone dragging their leg whilst walking have been attributed to Henry who spent his later years in agony due to an ulcerated leg.

Henry VIII's coffin (centre) is pictured above in an 1888 sketch by Alfred Young Nutt, Surveyor to the Dean and Canons, Windsor Castle. Henry's coffin was damaged and Nutt recorded that some bodily remains were visible. 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Catherine of Aragon's Ghost Castle Lodge Ludlow

Following her November 1501 marriage to Arthur, Prince of Wales, Catherine of Aragon was sent to live in Ludlow, it is said she resided, with her Spanish entourage, in the medieval Castle Lodge until after Arthur's death in 1502 when she returned to London.

The ghost of a teenage girl, said to be Catherine of Aragon, has been seen in the attic rooms and nursery of the  Elizabethan Tudor mansion house that occupies the site of Catherine's Ludlow home. Visitors to Castle Lodge have also commented on cold spots and a disturbing feeling of being watched.

Historically we know very little about Catherine's time in Ludlow but it can be assumed that it was a difficult and unhappy time for the sixteen year old Princess of Wales.

For a start Catherine was not supposed to accompany her husband to Ludlow at all.

The plan, agreed with Catherine's parents, Ferdinand and Isabel of Spain, had been for her to remain at court in London where she would learn the English language and customs. But all this changed when her dowry was not paid in full. Catherine did not want to go to Ludlow, she refused Arthur when he requested that she go with him and only agreed to do so when ordered by her father-in-law Henry VII.

She was also unwell. During her journey from Spain to England Catherine had suffered from an illness described as "low fever" and things did not improve after her marriage. She is reported to have complained of hot and cold sweats, fevers, coughs, colds and a "derangement of the stomach." Today she would have probably been diagnosed as suffering from depression. Hardly surprising in a teenage bride who was unable to converse with her husband as neither could understand the other's pronunciation of Latin, the only language they had in common.

By March 1502 both Catherine and Arthur were seriously ill, possibly with the much feared and often fatal "sweating sickness." Catherine survived, Arthur did not, on 2nd April 1502 Catherine of Aragon was widowed and became the Dowager Princess of Wales.

Visitor Information:

The privately owned Castle Lodge in Ludlow stands on a corner plot near the castle, it is open to the public, at the time of writing visitors can take an un-guided tour for £3.00 per person.

Castle Lodge
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