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Catherine of Aragon was buried on 29th January 1536 at Peterborough Cathedral
Her body was interred with all pomp and ceremony due, not to the Queen of England, wife of Henry VIII, but, to that of Dowager Princess of Wales, the title she had refused to accept during her lifetime along with Henry's annulment of their marriage.

Today Catherine's name and title, "Katharine Queen of England", are displayed in gold lettering on an iron grill beside her tomb in Peterborough Cathedral along with a wooden plaque reading, "A queen cherished by the English people for her loyalty, piety, courage and compassion."

Catherine of Aragon does not haunt Peterborough Cathedral but Peterborough is a short distance from both Buckden and Kimbolton both of which she is said to haunt and the grave will be of interest to those in search of Catherine. If you're able to visit around the anniversary of her burial, 29th January, there's a Katherine of Aragon Festival involving local school children details of which can be found on the Cathedral website.

Visitor information:

Peterborough Cathedral
Minster Precincts

Tel: 01733 355315

Open 364 days a year, closed Boxing Day.

Peterborough Cathedral has its' own share of ghosts, a monk, a stonemason and  a little girl who was said to have been murdered within the precinct during the 1860's. People have reported hearing an invisible choir and seeing what has been taken for the light of a candle moving around the upper floors.

Where to stay:

The Bull Hotel is within easy walking distance of the Cathedral. This 17th century coaching inn was built on the remains of a burial site so it will come as no surprise that both guests and staff have reported paranormal activity in the form of sudden drops in temperature, ghostly footsteps and the jangling of keys. The hotel is also said to be haunted by a dog who was killed in a coaching accident during the 1800's, apparently staff have found muddy paw prints on clean bedding where no dog has been.

The Bull Hotel

Telephone: 01733 561364