Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Haunted Desk

What would you do if you found ornately carved pieces of wood in a dumpster?

Well when Michael Parrish of Lewisville, Texas came across the fabulously carved pieces of an old desk he took them back to his apartment and rebuilt it, something that he was soon to regret.

At first it was just Michael who thought he heard the children's voices, but then his neighbour confirmed that he too could hear them. Michael often thought he heard someone searching the desk but when he went to see what was going on there was never anyone there. The last straw for Michael, which led to the destruction of the haunted desk, was when his wife and child sensed a paranormal presence in their apartment.

The full story can be found here by scrolling down to "This is the Haunted Desk story Michael Parrish"

Further photographs can be seen here.

Michael has been led to believe that the desk may have once belonged to Catherine of Aragon it would be interesting to find out if it was indeed Tudor and in fact how it ended up in Texas!